Featured Performers

Photo courtesy of Dan Stein


Michelle ‘FireGrace’ Baas

Michelle Baas was born and raised in Maryland. She twirled baton competitively for 12 years beginning at the age of 5. She won many state, regional and national competitions as a soloist and as a member of the Wheaton Majorettes dance twirl team. In April of 2000 she received 2 gold medals at the NBTA World Championships in Birmingham, England. Soon after she moved to Tucson on a whim, which would change her life forever. It was in Tucson that she discovered the art of fire dancing. “It was a beautiful transformation to shift from being a competitive baton twirler to a professional fire dance performer and instructor. Teaching and performing gives me a feeling of completeness and direction, as well as an outlet to fully express myself in an uplifting way that everyone can enjoy.” To view more photos and videos of me please visit www.firegrace.com.

Photo courtesy of Pedro Romano


Jimmy ‘Sprout’ Linenberger

Jimmy was introduced to fire spinning during the summer of 2007, while working at Camp Augusta in Nevada City, California.  He was hooked immediately from the first moment, and fire arts have been a part of his life ever since!  After camp, Jimmy went to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada for the Burning Man festival and was blown away with the fire performers he saw there.  That festival gave him a new outlook on fire spinning and he began to focus more on the dance aspect of the art.  The winter of 2009-10 was spent living in the warehouse district of Oakland, California, learning all he could from the deeply talented folks of the Vulcan Crew. Jimmy moved to Tucson in October of 2010 and was introduced to Elemental Artistry soon after.  We are not creators of art, merely vessels through which it passes.


Brittany “Stilletta B” Briley  

Brittany spirals consciously  to the belief that she was “the hoop” of a great circus servant!  Brittany feels blessed to be awakened by the Art of Hoop dance, constantly discovering new energies that manifest in circles.  ” Hooping has transformed my life in so many areas of self awareness!”  Brittany moved to Tucson in August 2009, originally from Arkansas,  where she was totally captivated by the grace and brilliance that surrounds fire spinning!  Brittany’s love of dance, the world of performance arts, and fire spinning has allowed her to co-create with Elemental Artistry Fire Arts Troupe, joining them in 2010.





Photo courtesy of Pedro Romano


Kate DeMeester “Rollerskate Kate”

Kate grew up in Michigan and moved to Tucson in July 2000.  Kate is a children’s librarian by day, so if you think you recognize her from Storytime, you are probably right!  A former colorguard co-captain in high school, she had considered the merits of fire staff for a long while before meeting Michelle Baas in the fall of 2009.  She started by learning poi and soon realized how much fun fire dancing could be.  “For me, fire dancing is more than just learning to flow with the fire, it’s a form of meditation and celebration as well.  It has becoming an amazing part of my life!”




Photo courtesy of Dan Stein



Michael Posey  ‘Pozee’

Pozee was born in Tucson, and grew up traveling the world.  He learned to spin fire at the start of the new millennium and he has been performing ever since.  Pozee  has performed with many groups throughout the California coast as well as Arizona and Las Vegas.   He performs with poi, staff, ropes, and he also performs fire breathing.  Pozee is happy to be back home in Tucson performing with the very talented Elemental Artistry!


Fire Arts Performance Troupe

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